Monday, 11 May 2009

We had sooo much fun x

Arrived at center Parcs friday, lovely afternoon and went swimming then had bowling booked for the evening which was very funny, we had a good laugh and kids enjoyed the disco, and so did we!!!!

Saturday was a fun day we went swimming early then played crazy golf and might i add i came second! was well chuffed. Headed back to canter parcs house to get ready to go to Hucks and have evening dinner with live entertainment.

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast then headed down on our bikes to the center where we took pedilos out which was so funny! and then we took the kids to the teddys bear picnic which was lovely. Lots ok children there singing songs and finding food for freddie! Then after they had there little boxes of food which included fruit they sang more songs and then Rupert bear came out to see them all! Oscar was so excited seeing him come out the door but was a little shy to have a picture!

I will load some pictures on when i have time we have only just got back so now going to busy getting uniforms ready for school and busy processing orders from the weekend and i think i may be up a little late but all good!.

Did you have a fun weekend? tell us about them, we'd love to hear your storeys and so do my children having storeys and making them up are so much fun x

Unique gifts 4 kids giving you that perfect gift for any occasions

See you soon love us all here x

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