Saturday, 25 April 2009

WOW new lines to unique gifts 4 kids!

WOW new lines to unique gifts 4 kids!

Adorable door stops! Childrens bedroom baskets! Personalised birthday Cards! Toy Boxes! Clothes! Handmade Stars! Party Supplies & party bags plus more handmade & personalised gifts

What more would you need! please visit us

And yes we have so much more coming we dont have enough room to add all our other souced products here so be sure to come back to see more. We will of course have a blog ready to let you know when this will be!

Tomorrow were off to a horse show as our cousin is riding, i think its important to support your family as we all need our family. Today we have a painting day with the kids so a messy day for us no tea at the coffee shop i think they have had enough of that its there weekend today. I love my family they are my number one x

unique gifts 4 kids


  1. Hi there i hope you don't mind me asking here but are you still looking for more new items to stock ?
    Sara x

  2. I sara, Yes indeed i am! i have emailed you directly just encase you read this first and not your mail.

    Take care, Joanne

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