Monday, 27 April 2009

Sunday night TV

Sunday night TV. Did you watch the repeat of Katie Price aka Jordon & Peter Andre?
We did, they are so funny we laughed so much. There visit to Toys r us made us laugh, one trip and a whole car full of toys!. I think our kids see that amount of toys through a whole year or more! So normal though which is nice to see and Katie just says whats she thinking - love it! I would just love to see there mansion in LA it looks amazing. How they live the dream!

Then after this we watched His mothers son - George (bestie) Best - Brilliant to watch was really good and worth watching if a repeat is to be shown. Very interesting to see the light on his mother rather than George's own addiction. It was a very strong interesting drama, but had quite harrowing at points. It was very sad to see how the family just had to put up with the press and public reaction, without the benefit of all the advice from advisers and agents we are used to seeing these nowadays. Im sure George Best's Autobiography would be a very good & interesting read. A legend on and off the pitch - RIP

This finished quite late, i couldnt sleep so decided to get on with some work with unique gifts 4 kids and was then up till 3am! very tired today but new site looking fab with all our extra products and products for lots more occasions so our online gift shop will a be a one stop shop as we have some fantastic bedding in single or double to! plus so much more.

At unique gifts 4 kids we bring to you affordable & luxury gifts at prices peple can afford and we dont want to take a huge huge profit from this thats why are prices are low. Remember when you have a found that perfect & special gift and it isnt from our site then please be sure to try and find it here as im sure we can do a much better price. We look forward to seeing you soon at unique gifts 4 kids lots of love Joanne x

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