Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Parents when it's raining outside what are you suppose to do to entertain the kids? It's raining outside and your out of ideas of what to do. Well hopefully were cover some of the things you can do to entertain the little ones while it's raining today.

Have fun in the rain!
Most kids love or hate it when it's raining outside unless, they can go out and play in it. As much as kids dislike getting a shower or taking a bath, yes big surprise, kids love to go splashing around in the rain. So get some wellies, and a rain coat and go outside and have some fun!

Game time!
Another thing you can do is play games. With some kids games now I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a game that the kids will love. What ever you decide to play it's sure to pass the time until the rain stops (hopefully).

Places to go today!

Horrid Henry - Live and Horrid!
On stage for the first time, along with Mum, Dad, Perfect Peter, Moody Margaret, Rude Ralph and other favourite characters. £10.50 - £15.50 2 & 6.30pm * not 6pm as previously listed Oxford Playhouse , Beaumont Street. From 16th Feb 09 free tickets are available for under 26's for some performances. Apply in advance, for Tues or Wed evening or Sat matinee performances and selected shows at the BT. See website for details.; Tel. 305305; Fax: 793748.
My daughter Mya loves horrid henrey, what a fab day out and out of the rain!

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