Monday, 27 April 2009

A productive day x

This morning i have had a very productive day. Not only have I been glossing my daughters room which i must say im getting in a bit of a mess but i got to have a coffee with my sister-in-law and see my cute nephew max. We had a well deserved chat and a catch up which was well needed dont you think jode!.

Its a real shame that in this day inage we have so called friends that dont want to see others do well in what ever they do or do they just want to see people argue and fall out for no reason for there own?? or are they just jealous?
Today was just about that and now i feel more clear in my mind that i dont want to listen to people like that and i want to help in the same kind of work im doing with others like Jodie and do things together as being a stay at home mum is important to both of us. We both want to do well with our businesses so i think nows the time to say to others watch this space were going to work so hard with helping each other out now that were do so well that then you may have something to talk about!

Jodie from illustrate my name is not only a good friend but family and our thoughts are the same, family first. We both have fantastic sites selling unique childrens gifts online and were both here to help not just you but each other ( sorry for this morning x). Jodie also does craft fairs so if you know of any coming up thats not too far from Oxfordshire then please give Jodie a shout she would love to attend or find out more!

Unique gifts 4 kids will also soon be attending with illustrate my name to the following craft fairs:

Pulse 2009 at London - Home & gift show June 2009 - Michaelmas Fair October 2009

If you know of anymore please let us know.

Unique gifts 4 kids giving you unqie childrens gifts for all occasions

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