Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Labour! what a thought

It doesnt seem that long ago that i was in labour with both of my children Mya now 5 & Oscar 2, i dont think its something that you ever forget is it!?. My friend Esther went into labour early this morning so were hoping for some news later today that her new little girl has arrived so its a very exciting day! and lots of pink clothes to buy!

I cannot even think about going through labour again, both of my labours were quite good if you can say that! both within 5 hours but i did have pain relief!! I used the TENS machine but that did nothing for me at all then I went on to have gas and air and then the Epidural. I dont think i was even asked if i wanted Diamorphine, Pethidine or Meptazinol so i must have been causing some trouble for that Epidural!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Epidurals

An epidural gives much more complete relief from discomfort in labour than any current alternative.

Normally epidural analgesia is straightforward and very effective, with little risk of harmful effects.

Epidurals may cause low blood pressure and a drip is routinely set up before they are commenced. These methods may not always work in a satisfactory way. In this case it may be possible to switch from the mobile epidural dose to a standard epidural, but it may be necessary to reposition the epidural.

You have such a choice nowadays with pain releif i expect its hard to know what to do? so many questions to ask. I wanted to do it all without using anything but i just couldnt, i was a wimp!

I love my children they are the best thing that has ever happened to me and of course getting married in Spain to James now my husband! we have been together for 15 years now and i love him so much more each and ever day. I think having 2 children completes your family so much more and we have been very lucky to have a Beautiful Girl & a Handsome prince so I dont think we will have anymore!. Not only that you have to think about so many other things like: do you want them to share a room? a bigger car? can you afford it? but if you really want one go for it! if we did have the money i have always said i would like 4 children!

Well esther if you get to read this, good luck from us all and let us know when she arrives!

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