Sunday, 12 April 2009


Yum yum easter morning, yummy lindt chocolates this morning from my hubby and would you beleive it a great all in one printer to help with my business uniquegifts4kids, very spoiled today and i love him! our children had a fab easter this morning not only did they get eggs but were spoiled by the whole family with DVDs, clothes & money. Easter has changed so much from when i was a child we just used to get lots of eggs and could get them to go round the room. We spoil our kids so much these days and its so easy to do. As a mummy going shopping for gifts you see so many other gifts now not much more than the cost of an egg and i just cant help but pick them up for family! Today were off for a family lunch which were all looking forward to and catching up.

Now time to bath the kids as lots of chocolate EVERYWHERE, looks abit like a chocolate factory in our house!!!

Something we have said to our children this morning - Collect up all the chocolate eggs except the one your children are going to eat there and then. Tell them that you intend to ration them to a limited amount per day or per week. Explain that a little bit of chocolate every day is more enjoyable than a one day ‘blow out’ and they will enjoy their chocolate eggs for longer.

Come back tomorrow for some ideas of what to do with all that chocolate !

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Happy Easter and were see you here again tomorrow x

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