Thursday, 30 April 2009

Do you have Nicknames for your children?

As a mother and being a friend of others that have children also, I find that we have certain nicknames for our children. Do you have a cute nickname that you call your child all the time? What is it, and why did you start calling them by their nicknames?

Our daughter Mya is now 5 and I always called her from birth Mya Moo, i still do now but i dont think she likes it to much when i say at school infront of her friends! i just forget as its such a habit now. Mya Moo just rhymed and has stuck ever since. Im not quite sure why i called her this but I just love it.
Oscar our son is 2, Oscar just doesnt really rhyme with much maybe thats why we just call him Oscar, Osky or osc and Oscar is the nickname for the Academy Awards, the most prestigious film award in America!

Do you have a child and a funny or cute nickname that has just stuck no matter what there age? comment on our blog i would love to read your storeys!!

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